So here was my schedule for today:

  • Work at LaMar’s 7-11
  • Take a nap after work
  • Shower
  • Complete my IR
  • Go to my RA interview from 3:15-5:00
  • Go to the gym
  • Watch a movie
  • Go to bed early since I’m scheduled for opening tomorrow

Well.  In case you don’t live in Lincoln, NE or are oblivious to the outside world, I’ll tell you what happened: SNOWMAGEDDON.  So we ended up closing LaMar’s early today and will not be open at all tomorrow, and my interview got cancelled.  THIS RUINS MY ENTIRE SCHEDULE!  WHAT ARE YOU PEOPLE DOING?!  So now I’ve rented two movies: Moneyball and Beginners.  Both nominated for Oscars.  Guess today will be made up of watching movies and doing homework.  Definitely NOT going outside again.

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